Walter Heyer: Transgender Regret

Walt Heyer – Former Transgender.

Walt has such a typical story. Gender confusing nurture and sexual abuse resulting in sexual confusion and gender dysphoria.

Walt went down the transgender path to living as a woman for almost 10 years. The confusion destroying a successful career and family life.

Eventually Walt could take the inner conflict no more. It was leave the transgender life or die. Walt choose life. You can access Walt’s books and support website on this page.

Doctors currently have no way of predicting which gender dysphoric children will persist in their gender dysphoria, and yet they are pushing the minimum age for irreversible hormone therapy and surgery as low as possible.

Walt has written a number or articles for the Public Discourse on the transgender movement.

Originally appeared in Public Discourse: Ethics, Law, and the Common Good, the online journal of the Witherspoon Institute of Princeton, NJ and is reprinted with permission.

Walt has written a number or articles for the Federalist on the transgender movement.

Walt has written a number or articles for the Daily Signal on the transgender movement.

Walt Heyer writes about his life from confused child to transwoman and back.

To support detransitioners Walt has created a comprehensive website with articles, stories and books.

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