•  People who transitioned to the opposite sex only to discovered it did not deliver  happiness.
  • Professionals and social commentators speaking about transgenderism.
  • Professor John Whitehall’s Explanation of Childhood Gender Dysphoria.
  • Dianne Colbert speaking on the sexualising of children in schools.
  • Parents, Politicians and Social Commentators discuss gender ideologies in schools.
  • Dr. Quentin Van Meter who worked at a clinic transgendering children speaks out.
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Changing Sex Regret Videos. People share their stories on regretting transgendering to the opposite sex.

Trans word cloud on a white background.

Ex Transgenders. Doctors. Social Commentators. Discussions on transgender ideologies.

Prof John Whitehall _004

Prof John Whitehall – Childhood Gender Dysphoria Video & Transcripts.


Dianne Colbert on Safe Schools – Four Video set on LGBT Ideologies being taught in our schools.


Safe Schools (Gender Ideologies imposed on children in schools). Discussions by parents, politicians and social commentators.

Dr Quentin Van Meter_001

Transgender Medicine Fraud – The Origins of the current transgener ideologies. – Dr Quentin Van Meter.

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