Video 9 – Sex Reassignment

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By Professor John Whitehall.

Video 9: Childhood Gender Dysphoria.

The Process of Sex Reassignment

This has been a long talk and we need to just finish off with what happens with the surgery. We’ve already mentioned that five girls in Australia, at least, have had their breasts removed, bilateral mastectomy. We don’t know how many have had the surgery to create a kind of appearance of the external genitalia of the opposite sex.

In males it is not all that impossible. All you need to do is amputate the penis, preserve the end of the penis, fiddle with the ureter so that you get some kind of control out of the passage of urine out of this penile head, which you are now putting at the top part of an artificial hole that you are making between the legs. And once you’ve made the hole, you invert the scrotum and so it forms the vagina, and you’ve refashioned the clitoris and you’re hoping that the urine will be controlled. But then, if you are going to aspire to receptive sex, the size of the scrotum may be insufficient and, for goodness sake, you may need to deepen that hole by joining a piece of large bowel. This is creating an artificial vagina. You only need to be partially interested in surgery to imagine the complications of all this, when just for example, external scrotal skin is meant to be outside in the weather, so to speak. When you put it inside and moist all the time, well, that’s not the right cellular layer. Therefore, there’s breaking down, infections and so forth.

That’s sounds hard enough and is really, really difficult. But to create a man out of a woman is even harder. There’s castration involved in both of these things, and then you are removing the uterus and the ovaries, you’re closing off the vagina, and now what you going to do with the penis?  You can fashion a penis by swinging a graft from the arm, they learnt these techniques in the Second World War with people who had been mightily injured, you can make a tubular graft and swing it down between the legs. The problem is that you want to pass urine out of the end of it, so you have to create a tuba, which is an obvious problem in itself, and now you have to get the clitoris and join the clitoris to the end of that if you are expecting some kind of sexual sensation out of it. For now, the thing is hanging limply between the legs, which is not the way for penetrative sex, so it has to be stiffened. Now, in one of the greatest ironies that I could ever imagine, as Eve was made from a bone from Adam, his rib, they actually can use the bone from Eve to stiffen the appendage, which is now attempting to make her male.

I don’t know if I explained that properly. But you’ve got to stiffen this, so you’ve got to put bone into it and bone doesn’t like being just put there. It can penetrate through, it can get absorbed and so forth. So, I am enlarging this, looking at it, because when people say sex reassignment surgery, and I saw a report the other day that something like ten, twenty, thirty percent of these kids who have had hormones blocked and on cross-sex hormones, are looking for gender reassignment surgery. Well, it just rolls off your tongue as if this is like having your appendix out, or maybe tonsils or whatever. This is a huge cosmetic surgery attempt. Like a fantastic attempt with inherent problems that are very, very obvious. So, this is, well, what is involved in this treatment and of course, things could go wrong. You need to be under medical care for the rest of your life.

The question is, who pays? Well, there are strong arguments from the gender dysphoria clinics that the taxpayers should pay for this for a life time. This surgery and so forth should be done in Australia under Medicare arrangements. The drugs are expensive, the complications are expensive, the surgery is expensive. There is a lifetime of business, there’s a quid to be made here, by pharmaceutical organisations and others. No motivation is entirely pure. I’m sure that they’re trying to make the life of the children better, but there are other financial things that need to be explored.

What I understand from America, in the last week, is that the government of California has just decided that it will underwrite all this fantastic treatment, presumably for life. Which shows you the power of the people pushing this. Because I have a daughter who lives in the United States and she told me that one of the kids fell over the other day and had to have five stitches. The five stitches cost one thousand five hundred dollars to be put in. And her delivery of this child was something like twenty, thirty or even forty thousand dollars. I’ve lost track of how much it was. Well, this just shows you the generosity of the California state, or perhaps the power of the people who are pushing for this, because it appears that the taxpayer of California is going to pick up the bill for this, in the sake of the ideology of gender fluidity.

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