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By Prof essor John Whitehall.

Video 8: Childhood Gender Dysphoria.

Cross-Sex Hormones.

So you need to understand something about the GnRH before you can understand the full, fatuousness of this argument that if you block the GnRH, you will allow the child the capacity to understand whether he is male or female, because you have blocked all of nature’s process that are going to bring that about. And in this neutered state, the child is going to be under the sustained, unremitting, influence of all its authority figures saying, “Well you’re actually a girl or a boy.” That’s why the physiology is all wrong. They say that there’s no evidence. There is abundant evidence of this, and we have just talked about this part on sheep.

Now I’m going to say, I want you to imagine a cell, just a cell by itself, and the cell, this is something new, a primary hormone that is responsible for the integrity, the health, the function of the cell, is in fact estrogen. Now the estrogen is produced in the neurons as well as in the ovaries. Testosterone is produced in the testes and in the male testosterone comes up the blood vessels and comes into the neuron, but it is also produced in the neuron, so that there is a very tightly controlled balance between the sex hormones in the nerve cell. If it gets unbalanced, if the estrogen is reduced, then the cell, the bodies of the cell, (here it is here) this is a healthy neuron, and you can see the dendrites, as they’re called, the branches coming out the top and on the branches you can see little bits sticking out. Those are the spines.

A Healthy Neuron.

(If we could just show the next one.) What we’re talking about is a neuron.

Healthy and Unhealthy Neurons.

You can see the neuron and you see cholesterol down the bottom. Cholesterol, is in fact, taken into the neuron, transformed into testosterone, transformed into estrogen. And that is to do with health of the cell. Because we know that the spines sticking out are where other cells communicate. You need other cells to communicate, to think straight. If the estrogen here becomes interfered with, and the GnRH is responsible for the enzyme that transforms testosterone into oestrogen, if something goes wrong with that you don’t have the dendrite spines.

So why are we talking all about this? Because we are now moving, looking at the cross-sex hormones. If you use, and that means you are bathing this person with huge doses where they are not supposed to be, of testosterone or estrogen, nobody knows what the effect will be, how this will disorder this tightly controlled concentration within the neurons. What we do know is if it does get upset, then the spines aren’t there. What we do know, with the cross-sex hormones, is that if a male is given estrogen, then the brain, the volume of the brain, shrinks at a rate ten times faster than ageing after only four months. And we’re talking about young people in their twenties and thirties who were part of this sort of follow up, not older people whose brains shrink faster and give you the normal rate.

So, what we’re saying is that it has been established, not my work but other people’s, that if you put a male onto estrogen the volume of the brain shrinks ten times faster than can be attributed to ageing. If you put a female brain onto testosterone the volume in the brain increases. But that’s not becoming smarter with more nerve cells. This’s somehow are hypertrophic, a pathological enlargement. Those things are studies done by MRI studies on the head. The one on the cell here has been done in cells in laboratories from rats.

But there’s a huge amount we don’t know. But what we do know is that if you don’t have enough estrogen within the cell, then the dendrites don’t form properly. We do know that a male brain on the oestrogen, the brain shrinks by the cells dying. We know that and we also know the GnRH has got something to do with the way this is controlled.

There’s a huge amount not known. I am bringing together certain bits of research done in silos of institutes and there’s a narrative that needs to be pursued. The narrative is actually showing that the GnRH interferes with sociosexual identity, interferes with, blockers that is, interferes with midbrain sexual businesses, stops the effect of the testes and the ovaries and messes with the limbic system, which puts it all together. We know that. We know that the cross-sex hormones cause shrinkage of the male brain and a hypertrophy of the female brain. We wonder how that can happen. Well, we find that the isolated research shows, looking at cells growing in petri dishes, that there is this effect.

Is there more? I know this is difficult to understand. Is there more? It was found that men who are given the blockers, men with prostate cancer, given the blockers in order to reduce the secretion of testosterone which is known to inflame prostate cancer, they’re executive function was reduced. Women who have been given it for endometriosis and other things have also been shown that parts of the brain are not befused as well and that there is interference with this. No-one knows how that really works, and I’m saying this is not my research, this is research done here, here, here, and it’s all constructing a narrative that these things do your head no good. And yet the proponents of the medical pathway are saying they’re safe and entirely reversal.

The last thing is this. That women who have been given the blockers for endometriosis, which is a pathological growth in a part of the uterine wall, and it appears to be stimulated by estrogen, so they give the blockers which come up here. No gonadotropins, therefore, the ovary shuts down and it’s not produced. They found that there was an inordinate increase in the number of gastrointestinal symptoms with these people. And it’s very easy to put a little biopsy capsule down, which they did and they found, “Oh, hang on a second, what’s happened here?” There was a fifty percent reduction in neurons in the lining of the bowel which caused the bowel to constrict.

So where is this all going? What we’re thinking, the narrative is that the GnRH is not only necessary for this sexualized part of the brain, but it appears to be necessary for the maintenance of the health and the integrity and therefore the function of neurons in general. This is not my work, but it’s not me who’s saying they are safe and it’s not me who is ignoring the Nuremberg Protocol that says, Well, you shouldn’t be doing things that have got warning signs in animals. What I am saying is to give this with this bland reassurance is experimentation without scientific basis. Just to show how this was interfered with by the hormone blockers and then the cross-sex hormones.

The argument is that the blockers should be given so that the child can better understand his identity, but we’ve already said the blockers have just a big effect and will interfere with all sociosexual and other midbrain and limbic system and testosterone or oestrogen effects. All of those things come together to make the child work out whether he’s a male or a female, and whether he wants to have children or not. It is fatuous to argue, in my opinion, that you could neuter a child and keep this child neutered then, and expect them to understand what romantic love and having a family was all about.

Now inherent in that, if you’ve been on the cross-sex hormones for a certain amount of time, and certainly if you have the operation, you are castrated. Nobody likes the “C” word, the castration word. They always talk about reduced fertility, another euphemism in all this and they say, “Well, you may not be able to have children if you pursue this, however, we have the answer for you.” What’s the answer? It is that we will take a biopsy of your testes or your ovary, and we will keep that under cold storage for X number of years. And lo and behold, everything will be alright because we’ll warm it up and match it with someone else and somehow or other you will be able to have children. Anyone with any idea of the complexities of invitro fertilizations will know that this is a very, very unguaranteed business. But that is assurance that is given to the people. Don’t worry, you could make up your mind, you will be able to have children later on.

We also mentioned that there were side effects by the cross-sex hormones and how that in the male this reduced the volume of the brain and how in a female this increased the volume. But this wasn’t an increase in nerve cells or anything, this was an unusual, this was a pathological increase. So, in the attestations to the Family Court of Australia there is this repeated mantra that blockers are safe and entirely reversible, and then they talk about, “Okay, there are complications from the cross-sex hormones.” but nobody has ever, and I read them all, mentioned the fact that it’s going to shrink or otherwise alter your brain. Nobody mentioned that or the psychiatric issues. They do say you may have more depression. You may well have more things, but no one is looking at the physical effect on the brain.

They say, they explain, the higher rate of suicide in adults, which is twenty to thirty times higher than other people, that this is because society doesn’t accept them. But as we mentioned, this is in Holland and Belgium where the acceptance of these things is really quite high. The issue is, could there be another explanation to it? They’re are all committing suicide. They’re obviously not happy. What’s wrong? Nobody has asked, “Well, hang on a second, you shrunk this man’s brain at a rate ten times faster than ageing. You have caused neurons to die.” Apoptosis is the special word. “You have caused so many nerve cells in the mantle of this person’s brain to die, couldn’t you have somehow or other have interfered with his thinking and his feeling? Could this not be a side effect of the treatment?” No one asked that very, very obvious question.

What else could it be? Well we know when we were looking at earlier talks here that the majority of children who get into this are mentally disturbed before they start. Is it just a perpetuation of this? They were encouraged in the early years of their life, but now, in the lonely, cold, isolated years of adulthood, “Hang on a second, I’m not as happy as I thought I might have been.” And is this a reason for the suicide rate? Or is it that, “Hang on a second? I’ve gone to all this trouble, and I really am not any happier and now look what I’ve done to myself.”

There is no coming back. It is valid. It’s not Transphobic. In fact, you could say it’s transphilic. It is out of compassion for people with this problem that these questions should be raised. I’m not transphobic. I think this is an enormous suffering of human beings and we need to ask all the questions, not just the politically correct ones when we’re trying to analyse it and to help people.

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