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By Professor John Whitehall.

Video 7– Childhood Gender Dysphoria.

The Sexualising Effects of Hormone Blockers.

The issue is that the GnRH is not confined to that particular access, but it has axes in other directions. It does other things. Receptors to it have been found, indeed, throughout the brain. They’ve especially been found in the limbic system, which is in the midbrain area. And the limbic system, coordinates memory and behaviour and emotion and all these things, and that leads to executive function, as to what you’re going to be, your identity in other words, and how you are going to behave.

As well as those axons, which are the wires you might say, of the cell running down towards the pituitary. The wires run into the limbic system. But these are not wires, these are pipes with hormones in them. So that there are receptors around and we know that the pipes running from the GnRH secreting cells go to other parts of the brain, influencing it, obviously.

Now, how does this fit what is known about the action of the GnRH in relationship to the sexual identity of the child? We have to go back to the animal studies. It’s now being known for some time that, if you’re considering sheep, if you let a ram loose, this is the way it began, into a bunch of female sheep, well lo and behold, they would all ovulate, sooner or later at the same time.

There’s something about this guy that really was stimulating. They thought first of all, it was the pheromones, the chemicals released in the juices of his body. And certainly the pheromones did work. How do they work? They come, the particle comes to the nose and then where the GnRH cells began as a tiny, tiny six week old baby, that was where the nasal cells began, and they travelled somewhat together and they are related. So, it was established that the pheromones will induce the GnRH cells to produce GnRH.

Then somebody obviously thought, “Well, hang on, is it just the smell alone? Let’s put him on the other side of a fence and see what happens.” Walking around, they’re looking at each other and lo and behold, they still ovulated. And they thought, “Well, maybe there is something really handsome about this chap. We’ll do away with a handsome business. We’ll put an opaque fence up and see what happens.” Same thing happened. So that walking, not just being near making the noises, talking or whatever sweet poetry or who knows what it is, something about that ram had a sexualising effect on the ewes, which led them to the whole concept of a socio-sexual development,  which has got something to do with falling in love. We’ve got no idea about how that works, but there are messages that come to the forebrain and other parts of the brain, and it all comes down to the limbic system. And what happens? The final expression then comes via GnRH. It’s much bigger than just that single access. It’s got to do with a concept of falling in love and therefore sexual identity and sexual intent and procreative ideas. It’s much bigger than that.

Moreover, what else? Well, I don’t know how they got the ethics to do this, but in the 1970’s people got GnRH and drilled a hole, I suppose, into the brains of rats and injected it into the cavern inside the ventricles and, wow, the male rats then, these were immature rats, wanted to perform sexually. And the female rats wanted to be performed on sexually. So, there is some other indistinct, as yet ill-defined, concept of how that GnRH gets to centres. But they noticed that there were centres then, specific centres, in the midbrain which were acted upon by the GnRH and facilitated sexual behaviour.

So, is there more? Well, yes, we are talking about the use of the GnRH to let a child intellectually work out whether he’s a boy or a girl and wants to procreate. That’s what we’re talking about We have neutered him by putting the blocker in so that we have negated the socio-sexual business. We have negated the effect of these strange sexual identity centres, and by blocking the gonadotropins, we have blocked the natural effect of the sex hormones themselves, which are sexualising and motivating and orientating and so forth. Huge effect. Indeed, if you’re a male or a female, the early business of laying down your brain, there’s a male and a female difference and then it lies dormant until puberty. When all these things happen to activate, an already organised, laid down, male or female brain.  So, we’re denying the child then also the effect of the sex hormones.

Is there anything else? Yes. What veterinary people have discovered, and it’s not me, the universities in Glasgow, associated with the universities in Holland, was that if you gave blockers to immature sheep, then there was an effect on the limbic system. And in particular, one part of it called the amygdala. What happened was that the amygdala was hypertrophied, got pathologically bigger, and when they looked at the number of genes in it, hundreds of genes were disordered in their behaviour. What did this lead to? This led to an interference with the function of that limbic system so that the sheep were revealed to have reduced long-term memory, and were also emotionally immature, and this was a sustained effect. We say long-term memory, that rolls off easy, but you need a long-term memory, it’s part of the business of deciding what you are, what you learn, what you want to be, what your emotions told you and how you’re going to behave in terms of executive function.

So, you need to understand something about the GnRH before you can understand the full fatuousness of this argument that if you block the GnRH, you will allow the child the capacity to understand whether he is male or female, because you have blocked all of nature’s process that are going to bring that about and, in this neutered state, the child is going to be under the sustained, unremitting influence of all its authority figures saying. “Well, you’re actually a girl or a boy.” That’s why the physiology is all wrong. They say that there’s no evidence. There is abundant evidence of this, and we have just talked about this part, on sheep.

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