Video 11 – Safe Schools – The Implications.

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By Professor John Whitehall.

Video 11 – Childhood Gender Dysphoria.

 Safe Schools – The Implications.

Editor’s Note: This video was recorded in Australia in November 2018, prior to an impending Victoria state election and a federal election. If elected the Australian Labor Parties had promised to outlaw Conversion Therapy, the purposely misnamed psychological counselling for gender confusion. The Victoria election was held in Nov 2018. The Victoria Labor Party was elected but Federal Labor was not elected and so the imminent outlawing of the counselling in Australia has, at least for the foreseeable future, been stopped. In Victoria, however, the threat to medical practitioners being deregistered for opposing the gender ideologies is very real. This serious threat continues to hang over Australia as other countries progressively outlaw such counseling.

This’s an ideological thing that has overtaken us. Who believes this stuff is the next question? What ideology? Who is doing this and why? Where did this arise?  One issue is really straightforward. I actually don’t think this is a majority issue, but it is certainly a very prominent issue.

The Victorian government outsourced the writing of this original Safe Schools programme to a sexual institute, or whatever they want to call it, in Latrobe University. One of its main leaders was a woman named Roz Ward and Roz Ward, speaking at Marxist conferences says these things about the whole Safe Schools programme. What’s it about? What’s it about! “It’s not about stopping bullying, but about supporting gender and sexual diversity.” And she was a major author to this. Why? Why do you want to do this? Because you were agitating for Marxism. And I quote, “to smooth the operation of capitalism the ruling class has benefited from oppressing our bodies, our relationships, sexuality and gender identities. And to keep us living in small social units and families.” So, she thinks if you destroy the family, and this was alluded to in the Marxist, Karl Marx’s manifesto of eighteen forty-eight, the destruction of the family.

Now he said it was falling apart by the bourgeois system anyway, and they were just kind of nudging it along, but this was a necessary part of the revolution in order to reach the higher, grander stage of communism, which is under the direction of the Communist Party. “I not only teach people how to be gay,” said Roz Ward, “I teach them how to be gay and Communist.” So, you can’t get any more explicit.

Now I actually don’t think that this is a major issue, but it is certainly a major, dominating, directing force, for some people in it. So, what can the other ones be? I think the others have become true believers in the ideology of gender fluidity as enunciated, for example, by Alfred Kinsey. He wrote the book on male and female sexuality in the nineteen forties. Kinsey’s essential take home message was that an orgasm is an orgasm, and it doesn’t matter with whom or with what you procure it. This was a doctrine of what he called outlet sex. In other words, the sexual urge should be manifested and practised and fulfilled in any way that you want it. It is all the same, there is no morality to it. Indeed, the morality, the problem comes from Judeo-Christianity concepts, which would restrict this.

He was the person who said that there is a spectrum from being homosexual to being heterosexual and arguing on the American men, somewhere in between. So, he didn’t put transgenders in that because I think that’s a more recent social phenomenon. But he was responsible then for this concept that there is no such thing as a binary distribution of male and female. But there was a spectrum in between. He basically went on to say that all sex is the same, it doesn’t really matter, there is no morality to it. This then is expressed in the ideology of gender fluidity. And whereas the Marxist add a particular flavour to it, I think that a minority of people are committed, so committed to this ideology, and have been so clever in infiltrating various organisations and governments and so forth, and the rest of us don’t know what they’re talking about.

And secondly, don’t want to suffer the pain of saying, “I don’t believe in that and that this is wrong and I don’t want my children involved.” I think this is how they have gotten so far so fast. We simply don’t understand what they’re on about. Point one.

Point two. If you put your head above the parapet, then they have a very focused way of making that a painful expression. What are we going to do about it? Is this what we want for our children? Well, I would say the vast majority of people don’t want this. So, how can we, what can we, do about it? We need to learn about it? We need to know that it exists. We need to know how it is being taught to our children.

How could we do that? Well, by the making of this video am I likely to get shot by my head above the parapet? Well, that’s possible, because in Victoria there is a law, the Health Complaints Act, which was promulgated in January or February two thousand seventeen. The Minister for Health down in Victoria said to the effect, “One of the things about this act is its ability, its intention, is to stop reparative conversion therapy.” What on earth does that mean? That requires dissection. That is Orwellian which that is by George Orwell who wrote a book, Nineteen Eighty-four it was called, and the concept was that to control people, words meant essentially the opposite. So, when they’re stopping conversion therapy, what they are doing is they’re intending to stop anyone getting in the road or anyone attempting to convert a gender identity back to the identity with which it was born.

So, you’ve seen by commission or omission, if you bring a child to me who’s got gender dysphoria, if I say, “Wait, sit this out, it is going to get better. Just wait, just be compassionate and everything. Wait and watch, be compassionate, love the child’s he’s going to grow out of it.” I’m committing a sin of omission because I am not actively directing the child in the way of affirmation. That’s in Victoria.

The Federal Labor Party has as one of its platforms that if it gets into power next year that it will forbid conversion / reparative therapy. Katherine King is the shadow minister for health, is on record of saying that she would make this a personal issue. Now, is there more? Yes, there’s more. Directives have come out, for example, to the New South Wales Education Department reminding teachers of their responsibility with regard to mandatory reporting of cases of child abuse. Fine, if a child comes in bruised and no explanation, fine, you report it. But what if the child comes in and seems confused about gender? He thinks he might be a girl, not a boy, and the teachers are already taught all this other stuff, they’re all set up, primed, ready to go with this. This little kid comes in, or if you have a gender whisperer coming to the school at seven hundred dollars an hour to teach extra teaching to the teachers as to how to recognise this problem, you as a teacher have recognised, so to speak, that a child is confused about his gender. You have a mandatory responsibility to report, At least report to the parents, and if the parents don’t seem to be sympathetic with this, then to higher authorities. So, this is already in the schools.

So, we’ve talked about the Victorian Labor party. We’ve talked about the Federal Labor Party. We’ve talked about New South Wales directives. What about the Medical Board itself? The Medical Board of Australia has just received submissions in which a new code of conduct was to be discussed. In which Point 2.1 was the issue of professionalism, and if I can recall this directly, it basically said doctors may be challenged with issues of professionalism if he or she makes public statements against the established wisdom of the profession and therefore brings the profession into disrepute by reducing community trust. So, by making this video I could be going against the majority of opinion of my fellows, who knows? We don’t know what the opinion is, but we do know that there are gender dysphoria clinics that are very loud, very vociferous. They could say, “Well, we’re already established here. We are the majority of opinion. Nobody has ever said we’re wrong. You are wrong. You are an isolated voice and you are confusing people and you are reducing community trust,” Therefore equals a challenge to professionalism, which could go all the way to being defrocked, or struck off.

There is more to it, because I think it was section four, or something rather like this, it defined it even more. It said professionalism is related to the practise of making sure people felt culturally safe. So, by making these videos and expressing my cynicism about gender dysphoria, this could be picked up by a mother for example, who has gone to all the trouble out of love and care. She has entered the pathway of medical treatment, administered by love and care of the Children’s hospital.

But here I’m saying, “Well, wait a second, the statistics are that this kid’s going to get better if you just wait. And look, they’re saying that the medicines are safe, no side effects, but I’m pointing you to international literature which says the opposite. You say you’re giving the pills in order to give the child more time to think, and I’m saying that the pills are going to obstruct the concept of constructive treatment.”

So, what am I doing? I’m challenging what the profession and what that mother with all the determination to be better for her child. I’m making her culturally unsafe. She would only have to, if the new law gets in, she would only have to make some kind of a complaint and people like me would be liable to be brought before the board.

So, if the Labor Party, the Federal Labor Party gets in, my not going ahead with this, I could become criminalised, and also if the Medical Board comes in, the other whammy is that I could be deregistered. So I could look forward to not even being able to practise medicine in the penitentiary

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