Video 1 – Sexual Confusion (Part 1).

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By Professor John Whitehall.

Video 1 – Childhood Gender Dysphoria.

Definition of Sexual Confusion (Part 1)

Welcome to the first of several talks on a major issue of the day. The issue of Childhood Gender Dysphoria. I’m a paediatrician and have been one for more than fifty years in fact. I became interested in this several years ago at a conference when I was walking down the hall and heard that there was this talk on Childhood Gender Dysphoria. And quite frankly, I didn’t know what it was about until I went in there. And then I thought, I can’t believe this and then began to read and visit people and email people and my concern grew exponentially. So, what I’m going to talk about, in fact, is not my work on it, because I’ll say right up the front that I haven’t done research on this myself. But I will be referring to other people’s research, which is abundant. And if anyone wants to know more, I’ve written four articles in Quadrant magazines, which will give more detail than this talk and also give the references. So, these are references to other people’s work.

So, who am I? I’m a paediatrician. I work as professor of child health and paediatrics at the University of Western Sydney. But I should jump in and say right at this stage, I do not pretend, or in some way, to represent that august institution. I am here speaking on my own. I trained in paediatrics in Sydney, and also in Africa and also in England and worked in a number of hospitals in developing countries. I came back here and was in general paediatrics and then sub-specialized in the care of very sick newborn babies. I was the director of intensive care for newborn babies in North Queensland before coming back to this current post.

So, people also say, “Well, you’ve done no research in it, how many children have you treated with this?” I’m very happy to say, in one sense happy, “I’ve treated nobody.” Now everyone says, “Well, you don’t know anything about it.” My reply to that is, “Well, it never existed before and that this is a current psychological phenomenon” Now, my opponents will say, “Well, that’s not true It was always there and you just didn’t recognise it.” My answer to that is, “Well, I’ve been in general paediatrics for all those years. Many, many parents would come and with utter frankness discuss their worries about the sexual issues related to their children. All kinds of things. But no-one ever said, “My son thinks he’s a girl.” That wasn’t around. Even in textbooks, going back to just recent years, this was not mentioned.

I polled twenty-eight of my paediatric colleagues with a cumulative experience of nine hundred and thirty-one years and asked them, “Look, what do you think about this? And how many children did you actually see?” They could recall a total of twelve in nine hundred and thirty-one years. Ten of those children they remembered especially because of the associated mental disorder. And two of them had been the victims of sustained sexual abuse.

It used to be in fact, that if a parent brought a child along, or if the child itself was saying it was of the opposite gender, you wondered what was going on; who was getting at that child that would make the opposite sex more preferable. So, what I’m saying is twelve in nine hundred and thirty-one years, which you could extrapolate, that’s almost one every one hundred years. However, to this date, September, two thousand and eighteen, I am told that over three hundred children have been presented to the Children’s Hospital in Melbourne because of Gender Dysphoria. Three hundred already this year. So, if you extrapolate that around Australia, it’s probably a thousand children who have been taken to Paediatrics Gender Dysphoria clinics. The same throughout the Western world. In the United States, the figures are the same with an exponential take-off. Western Europe, another exponential take-off.

This has really become an epidemic. So, everyone is arguing. Well what is the real incidence of Childhood Gender Dysphoria? Well, hang on a second, what is Childhood Gender Dysphoria? That’s the confusing thing. And I’ll quote here from what you might argue is the Bible of psychiatric illness. It’s a convoluted definition, but it says that Gender Dysphoria is clinically significant distress or impairment in social school or other important areas of functioning due to a marked incongruence between one’s experienced, stroke, expressed gender and assign gender.

Well what on earth does that mean? That means that a boy for example, actually, despite the fact that he’s got a normal sexual compliment, thinks that he is a girl. Or is led to think that he’s a girl or the other way around. So, there’s the incongruence between the chromosomes and the expression of the chromosomes, which is the external genitalia and what the child says he or she thinks he is. Now this becomes convoluted because those people who believe in the ideology of gender fluidity; that there is no such thing as a girl and a boy and we’re all somewhere in between, they’re saying, “Well, hang on, that’s normal. It’s normal for a boy to suddenly think that he is a girl.” Well, where is the dysphoria in it? The dysphoria comes if the child is somehow or other upset. We say not functioning properly because of this confusion. Well hang on. Who’s giving the confusion? It’s allegedly society that’s giving the confusion because society won’t accept.

So basically, what the proponents of this ideology are saying, “This is a normal thing to be neither be a boy or a girl. We’re all somewhere in between. And if you’re unhappy in that state it is in fact society’s fault because it doesn’t accept you.”

Now it’s a dangerous business and we’re going in subsequent talks to look at what the treatment for this is. The treatment I am going to summarise is in fact an enormous, immense, the most unimaginable intrusion into the mind and indeed the body of the child. Which effectively means at least castration. There is an enormous importance, a danger, to this diagnosis as we will talk about.

So, I think that this wasn’t around before. I think that this is a psychological fad. I think that it is propelled by an uncritical media and it’s given direction by websites and also given direction by what used to be called the Safe Schools program and is now re-emerging in the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relations program, emerging from whoever writes the curriculum in the schools. So, I think it is a social contagion, a dangerous thing, because of the implications for the child.

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