Age & SexCross-gender behaviorsOther problemsTreatment Length. (WeeksFollow-up at one yearAge Last seen. (Years)Post-Pubertal Status
6 Year Old MaleDresses in mother's and sister's clothesSchool Refusal
13No Cross-Gender Behaviour16No Cross-Gender behaviour. Male Identified. Hetero-sexual erotic attraction
7 Year Old MaleExpresses desire to be a girl. Cross-dresses. Plays only with girlsSchool refusal. Enuresis10No cross-gender behavior.Mixes with both sexes. Parents undergoing sex therapy.12"Quite well", has "ups" and "downs" in mood. Relates to Both sexes. Erotic desire unknown. Parents' marriage "great"
8 Year Old MaleEffeminate. Cross-dresses. "Seductive" to men. Obsessional. Friendless.Unhappy. Aggressive. Night terrors.17No cross-gender behavior. Affectionate to men but aggressive towards girls.15Telephone conversation: no cross-gender behavior. Friendly           relationships with both sexes. Mildly antisocial. Erotic desires unknown.
10 Year Old FemaleObjects to biological sex. Cross-dresses.Friendless. School Refusal. Depressed.28Accepts sex. No cross-gender behavior. Successful at school and socially.21Successful career. No strong male attachments. Rather "masculine" but accepts femaleness. Erotic desires unknown.
10 Year Old MaleWears female under-clothes. Wants to be a girl.Unhappy. Friendless. Lacks initiative.17Happy., making friends. Involved in sport. No cross-gender behavior. Some anti-social traits.18Very well now. Academically sound. Not many friends. Cross-dressing recurred 3 years previously but "stopped of its own accord." No further contact.
10 Year Old MaleCross-dresses. Effeminate. Objects to being male.Unhappy. Friendless.6Discharged against medical advice.--No further contact.
11 Year Old MaleCross-dresses. Effeminate. Dislikes male characteristics.Suicidal. Friendless.22No cross-dressing but still effeminate. Involved in sport. Successful at school. Parents unhappy.19Homosexual activity between ages of 14 and 17 years. Unhappy about this. Sought therapy. "Feels heterosexual" but no heterosexual activity yet. Very successful career.
12 Year Old MaleCross-dresses. Identifies with women. Homosexual?Depressed and suicidal. Friendless. Nightmares23No cross-dressing. Still effeminate but good relationships with children of both sexes. Signs of heterosexual erotic desires.19No cross-dressing. Mildly effeminate. Heterosexual. Younger brother admitted to hospital at age 11 years. - Depressed.
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