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These are the materials from the Safe Schools All Of Us teaching materials which contain stories of teens expressing various sexual orientations. We want to make it very clear that we in no way want to vilify any of these teens because each and every one of them is a valuable human being. These teens, in their stories, relate the emotional pain of their experiences. We, as parents, acknowledge and have deep empathy for them.

At the same time we do not accept bullying of any kind or of any person.

Having said that, our concerns as parents with these materials are:-

– We do not acknowledge that it is appropriate for teachers to be teaching on matters of sexual relationships to our children. It is our moral values that we want to ensure is being taught.

– These videos presume that any and all sexual relationships, during teen years, are to be expected. These materials and videos put such relationships in a positive light.

– Experts acknowledge that a percentage of teens have some level of sexual confusion, but by age 25 the vast majority will have aligned with a heterosexual orientation. These videos may well encourage an already confused teens to experiment in a sexual behaviors that further confuses them.

– A great concern is that, particularly teens with gender confusion, may be encouraged to go on a path of hormone blockers, cross-sex hormones and eventually sex reassignment. None of which lead to an easy life.

– These videos point people to the Minus 18 website. An LGBTIQA support site for teens that has dubious advice on breast binding and penis tucking. It has numerous other links.

– Ultimately what a person does with their lives is their right. Our objection is the state teaching our teens these materials while they should be under the care of their parents.

Safe Schools – All Of Us Teaching Manual

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Direct Youtube Links:-

Lesson 2 – Video – Jaimee’s Story – Lesbian

Lesson 3 – Video – Vivian’s Story – Bisexual Girl

Lesson 4 – Video Nevo’s Story – Transgender Boy

Lesson 5 – Video – Phoebe’s Story – Intersex

Lesson 6 – Video – Jordon’s Story – Bisexual Boy

Lesson 7 – Margot’s Story – Transgender Girl

Lesson 8 – Video – Michael’s Story – Homosexual

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