Here you can find:-
-> Links to books that discuss the current gender ideologies. Kids books.
-> A number of doctors have written articles around the transgender movement.
-> Prof John Whitehall has written a series of articles on Gender Dysphoria. A number have scientific and government references attached.
-> There is a link to Walt Heyer’s Website. Walt transgendered and lived as a woman for 10 years before detransistioning and now supports other transgenders wanting to leave the transgender lifestyle
-> Many people have left their LGBT lifestyles with the assistance of others. These are the stories of 17 people which counter the claims that conversion therapy always damages people.
->Preventing Harm, promoting Justice is a paper by La Trobe University, Australia, which claims that conversion therapy always harms people. Dr. Con Kafataris has written his critique of the La Trobe paper.
-> Dr John Whitehall recorded a 12 video series on Childhood Gender Dysphoria. The transcripts of the videos, that can be translated online into other languages, can be found here.