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  •  Links to books that discuss the current gender ideologies. Kids books.
  • A number of doctors have written articles around the transgender movement.
  • Prof John Whitehall has written a series of articles on Gender Dysphoria. A number have scientific and government references attached.
  • There is a link to Walt Heyer’s Website. Walt transgendered and lived as a woman for 10 years before detransistioning and now supports other transgenders wanting to leave the transgender lifestyle
  • Many people have left their LGBT lifestyles with the assistance of others. These are the stories of 17 people which counter the claims that conversion therapy always damages people.
  • Preventing Harm, promoting Justice is a paper by La Trobe University, Australia, which claims that conversion therapy always harms people. Dr. Con Kafataris has written his critique of the La Trobe paper.
  • Dr John Whitehall recorded a 12 video series on Childhood Gender Dysphoria. The transcripts of the videos, that can be translated online into other languages, can be found here.
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Prof John Whitehall Writes in Quadrant Magazine.

Articles on Gender Dysphoria, Hormone Blockers and all things Transgender

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The ban on alternatives to gender experimentation on children. – Prof John Whitehall. The Labor government of Victoria is in the process of drafting legislation to ban so-called ‘conversion therapy” which it defines as ‘any practice or treatment that seeks to change, suppress or eliminate an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity’.



Although it is tempting to blame the phenomenon of social contagion on the digital age, in which people, young and old, remain symbiotically tied to their social media devices, eagerly scanning their screens for the latest news, fashion, holiday location, rave party, or dating site to assuage their “fomo” (i.e., fear of missing out), social contagion predated the advent of the cyberage, thereby placing its origins squarely in the minds of humankind, assigning social media to its role as an efficient conduit of contagion.


Key issues in decision making for gender transition treatment: Questions & Answers. – Prof Dianna Kenny.

In this article, I address key issues in the transgender debate as they pertain to children and young people. These include: Are “gender transition treatments” safe, “curative” and in the child’s best interest? In considering these questions, I explore the known negative consequences of puberty suppression and cross-sex hormones, including infertility and other medical conditions and the purported increase in suicidality without treatment.


Female sport participation and gender affirmation: A collision course for medical ethics. – Prof Dianna Kenny. –

In 2009, South African athlete Caster Semenya won, by a margin of 20 metres from her nearest rival, the women’s 800m event at the athletics world championships. Her victory was short-lived.

Allegations arose that Semenya was “really a man.” The 18-year-old from an impoverished village on the Limpopo River in South Africa became the unwitting subject of an international media outcry that included the release of her private medical details without her consent.

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Gender Dysphoria Resource for Providers: Dr. William Malon.

Medically, the term transgender/transsexual refers to an individual who has taken significant steps to present themselves to society as the opposite sex, in an effort to relieve severe and persistent gender dysphoria. No one is born transgender or transsexual and no serious scientist has ever made such a claim. It is not possible to be born into the “wrong” body (“boy brain” in a girl body for example).

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Gender-disordered children: does inpatient treatment help? – Dr. Robert Kosky.

Abstract Treatment guide-lines for gender-disturbed children currently are unclear. This clinical report describes eight children with cross-gender behavi0ur who were treated in an inpatient unit for children. The short-term outcome and long-term clinical observations are provided, which indicate a generally good outcome. pressure, but the lives of children depend on their wisdom.

Melbourne, VIC/Australia-Sept 10th 2019: Sign of the Royal Children's Hospital at front of building. It is the major specialist paediatric hospital in Victoria.

Critique of the Melbourne RCH Gender Clinic “Australian Standards of Care….”

Editor’s Note: In an attempt to put in place a Standards of Care for Transgender and Gender Diverse patients the RCH gender clinic produced an Australian Standards of Care. The admissions and conclusion that can be drawn from this document should deeply concern all.

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Sexuality and Gender – Dr. Paul McHugh.

Editor’s Note: Questions related to sexuality and gender bear on some of the most intimate and personal aspects of human life. In recent years they have also vexed American politics. We offer this report — written by Dr.  Lawrence S. Mayer, an epidemiologist trained in psychiatry, and Dr. Paul R. McHugh, arguably the most
important American psychiatrist of the last half-century.

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The Conversion Therapay Farce – Dr. Con Kafataris.

La Trobe University produced an “academic” paper called Preventing Harm, Promoting Justice. Dr. Kafataris points out its many failings.


Walt Heyer’s Sex Change Regret Website.

Walt Heyer lived as a woman Laura for 10 years before detransitioning and acknowledging that a person cant change their sex.


Family First – NZ. A paediatrician’s warning to New Zealand – Prof John Whitehall.

An epidemic of ‘childhood gender dysphoria’ is sweeping the Western world. Having exploded from rarity less than a decade ago, there is now an exponential increase in the number of children being presented to specially created units in major children’s hospitals with the complaint ‘they have been born in the wrong body’.

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Conversion Therapy That Works.

An ex gay, two ex lesbians and an ex trans talk about leaving their former lives and how Conversion Therapy “counselling” was involved.


Request for a Parliamentary Inquiry into the Social and Medical Transitioning of Children.

Letter by Prof John Whitehall to Australian Health Minister, MP Greg Hunt.

I write to thank you for your concern about the rapidly increasing number of Australian children reported to be suffering from gender dysphoria and to express my concern at the lack of a scientific basis for the medical pathway of treatment of childhood gender dysphoria.

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Rush Limbuagh Show Interview – Prof John Whitehall. ————————————–

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Links to Professional Counselling Services.  ————————————————————


Links to Book Authors and sellers.

Books addressing Transgender ideologies. Gendered books appropriate to read to children.

What Are Little Boys Made Of

What Are Little Boys Made Of?  Author – Wendy Francis.

Little boys grow up to be men. Girls never will. Is that what makes little boys so special? Well, that and so many other reasons. Can you think of some?

What Are Little Girls Made Of

What Are Little Girls Made Of? Author – Wendy Francis.

No-one gets to choose if they are born a girl or a boy. And one isn’t better than the other. But there is so much that is good about being a girl! What is it that makes girls so special?

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