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Conversion Therapy, the ALP and Gender Dysphoric Children

It appeared a victory for common sense when the Federal Australian Labor Party retreated from its publicised aim of criminalising the practice of ‘conversion and reparative therapies on LGBTIQ+ people’ at its National Conference in Adelaide

Experimenting on Gender Dysphoric Kids

Four studies recently published in Pediatrics, the prestigious journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, confirm the experimental basis of the “Dutch Protocol” of medical intervention for childhood gender dysphoria now practised throughout the Western world, including special clinics in Australian children’s hospitals.

Gender Dysphoria & Surgical .

In recent years, the issue of transgender identity in children has leapt from the periphery of public consciousness to centre stage of a cultural drama played out in the media, courts, schools, hospitals, families, and in the minds and bodies of children. It is a kind of utopian religion with committed believers.

Guidelines for the Destruction of Female Sport

The ideology of gender fluidity, in which the binary reality of male and female is not fixed, may secure its greatest victory thus far by the release of ‘The guidelines for the inclusion of transgender and gender diverse people in sport…..

The Family Court Must Protect Gender Dysphoric Children

Diagnosis and management are a challenge to the medical profession: education of the courts is a responsibility. Reliance by the courts on that education is an exercise in faith. Neither profession is immune to social pressure, but the lives of children depend on their wisdom.

Childhood Gender Dysphoria and the Law

Childhood gender dysphoria may be defined as distress due to conflict between the physical manifestations of gender in the body and their perception in the mind of a child or adolescent. The body reveals one sex, the mind feels the other.

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Victorian Labor to ban alternatives to gender experimentation on children. – Prof John Whitehall

The Labor government of Victoria is in the process of drafting legislation to ban so-called ‘conversion therapy” which it defines as ‘any practice or treatment that seeks to change, suppress or eliminate an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity’.

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