Family Planning Victoria – Safe Landing Sex Ed

Family Planning Victoria – Safe Landing Sex Education.

Sex Ed courses for years 3 – 10 by Family Planning Victoria.

These manuals are not to be copied in any part. They are put here to be able to be viewed to demonstrate the courses taught in schools to our children. The numbers in the file names determine the year levels the manuals are applicable to. While there are sections of this course that are to be applauded, they also teach our children on matters of gender and sexuality that we as parents object to

“The term gender is used for the differences that are created as a result of the social and cultural expectations about what is acceptable, appropriate, or desirable for a boy or a man or a girl or a woman. This is different from the term sex which is used to denote the biological or physical differences between the bodies of males and females.”

Further, in a recent FIO, the department advises that teachers can pick and choose additional materials as they see fit, using their professional judgement. We would argue that in the area of sexuality and relationships, it is unacceptable to allow any person to select materials they see as appropriate. Or to present any such materials to students without first presenting it to parents for their approval. Open the files  and search for “gender” and “transgender”.

The courses present concepts to young children that are inappropriate.

For Example. This, with accompanying graphic pictures of female genitalia, is presented to children in grades 3 and 4.

This little bump has more nerve endings than any other body part. When females are sexually aroused or excited, blood rushes to it and they get a tingly, sexy feeling. What is the corresponding part in boys?

An example of a student exercise presenting female masturbation in a mixed class for year levels 5 & 6:

Paul’s in his bedroom, reading his sister’s magazine. He’s in the middle of the letters page where young people write in with questions for a doctor to answer. One letter is about a teenage girl who’s just found out how to masturbate. He’s interested in the letter because he was talking about the same topic with his friends at lunchtime. Just then his mum walks in without knocking. Startled, Paul drops the magazine. His mum sees the page he was reading. What does he do? How would he feel?

An online pdf translator for the manuals can be accessed here:-

The Sexual Education Manuals.

Safe Landing - Levels 3 & 4

Safe Landing – Student Year Levels 3 & 4.

Safe Landing - Levels 5 & 6

Safe Landing – Student Year Levels 5 & 6.

Safe Landing - Levels 7 & 8

Safe Landing – Student Year Levels 7 & 8.

Safe Landing - Levels 9 & 10

Safe Landing – Student Year Levels 9 & 10.

The Sexual Education Pictures shown to students.

Sexuality Illustrations

Sexuality Illustrations.

Contraception - Teachers Manual

Contraception – Teachers Manual.

Contraception - Students Manual

Contraception – Students Manual.

Creating Babies

Creating Babies.

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