Conversion Therapy: Real People, Real Stories



There has been a worldwide move to discredit and outlaw counseling for unwanted same-sex attraction and gender dysphoria. This has been called “gay” Conversion Therapy. The basis of this name is that the same-sex attraction or gender confusion is declared to be an innate and unchangeable orientation.

The facts are that there has never been any scientific study showing same-sex attraction or gender confusion to be genetic. Yet there are decades of successful counselling for people who want out of these orientations.

There are thousands of people who have left their same-sex attracted or gender confused lives. Many of these have had counselling (conversion therapy) to be able to do so

There have been some abuses of people who did not want out of these lives. The various LGBT groups have jumped on these abuses to justify wanting governments to outlaw counselling entirely.

However, using those abuses to legislate to stop people who have unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion from seeking the lives they want, is an absolute abuse of their human rights

These are the stories, both in videos and written by people who vastly improved their lives by leaving the LGBT way of life.




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