Catching On Manuals – Gender Ideology.

“Catching On” Gender programs for Schools.

These manuals contain graphic images and inappropriate exercises used in classes to teach children about human sexuality. Images that parents and others supporting this site deem as totally age inappropriate, which will sexualise children at an age where they would normally only show a cursory interest in sex, sexuality and genitalia.

The manuals also contain the scientifically unproven gender fluidity teachings found in other Safe Schools materials such as All Of Us and Rights, Resilience and Respectful Relationships. Catching On Early is used in Primary Schools. Catching On Everywhere is used Secondary schools.

If you come from an overseas country and cant read English, click on the images below. The PDF’s can then be downloaded and then an online pdf translator can be accessed here:-

Catching On Early

“Catching On Early” manual used in Primary Schools.

Catching On Everywhere (Part 1)

“Catching On Everywhere (Part 1) Manual” – Used in Secondary Schools.

Catching On Everywhere (Part 2)

“Catching On Everywhere (Part 2) Manual” – Used in Secondary Schools.

Talking Sex Health

Talking Sex Health – A Manual for Teachers.

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