All of Us – Safe Schools

All of Us – Original Safe Schools Program.

Below are the manuals and videos which composed the original Safe Schools programs released in Victoria, Australia. These various documents are still used by teachers at their discretion.

Safe Schools Manuals.

All Of Us

All Of Us Safe Schools Manual by Minus 18.

Safe Schools - A Guide

Safe Schools – A Guide for Teachers.

Stand Out

Stand Out – Safe Schools Workbook.

Program Partician Plan

Program Participation Plan – For Teachers.

OMG - My Friend is Queer

OMG – My Friend is Queer.

OMG - I'm Trans

OMG – I’m Trans.

OMG - I'm Queer

OMG – I’m Queer.

Transgender Affirmation Guide

Transgender Affirmation Guide – Safe Schools.

Inclusive Formals Guide

Teachers Guide to Inclusive Formals Guide – Safe Schools.

LGBT Coloring Book for Kids

LGBT Coloring Book for Kids – Gaybaby – Safe Schools.

All of Us Activity Guide

All of Us Activity Sheet.

An online pdf translator to your language can be accessed here:-

Safe Schools Videos.

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