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CAUSE “Standing up for parents rights“

CAUSE (Coalition Against Unsafe Sexual Education) was convened in January 2018 to unite various groups who formed due to numerous parents responding to the revelation of the totally inappropriate contents of the Comprehensive Sexuality Education such as the initially called Safe Schools program, implemented into schools under the guise of being an anti-bullying program. However, it is a sexually inappropriate program designed to indoctrinate students in questionable sexual behaviours. Due to some past public concerns this program has been repackaged a number of times and implemented into schools under several different names. But the core ideologies and goals remain the same.

This program is inappropriate to be presented to students in primary or secondary education. It contains materials and sexual concepts, taught without morality, encouraging students to experiment with their sexuality. The program has been implemented across core subjects so that it is impossible to remove a student from the content of this program without affecting their education.

It is the intent of CAUSE to make the public aware of the contents of this program in whatever way is effective and appropriate, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that education providers entirely remove this program and replace it with a true anti-bullying program. CAUSE intends to pursue parent’s rights, whereby any programs in school that are of a sexual nature are transparent to parents. To also ensure that any sexual programs are in a form whereby parents retain every right, without prejudicing their children’s education, to remove their children from such classes at their discretion.

We at CAUSE affirm that all people are equal in value.
We also affirm that, within Australian law, all people  have the right to live their lives as they want.
Further, we believe that children should be raised within the morality as taught by their parents.

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