The Safe Schools program has been implemented into schools across Australia teaching LGBT gender ideologies to children during a time their sexual identity is developing and when they are vulnerable to sexual confusion. Australia has subsequently seen an explosion in the number of children taken to gender clinics. The CAUSE website has many professional articles on transgenderism, Gender Dysphoria, Conversion Therapy, Sex changes and Safe Schools, by professionals like Professor John Whitehall, Professor Dianna Kenny and many others.
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Safe Schools.

Gender Ideologies in Schools.

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Professional Papers on Transgenderism.

Medical doctors expound the realities of Transgenderism.

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Prof John Whitehall Writes in Quadrant Magazine on Gender Dysphoria.

Hormone Blockers and all things Transgender.

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Counseling & Therapy That Works.

Two ex lesbians, an ex gay and an ex trans talk about leaving their former LGBT lives. A further 13 share their written stories about how counseling helped them.

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Walt Heyer’s Sex Change Regret Website.

Walt Heyer lived as a woman Laura for 10 years before detransitioning and acknowledging that a person cant change their sex.

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Need To Find Counsellors.

Find them here.

Safe Schools Gender Ideology.

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Students in Class Roll Playing LGBT Behaviors

The Safe Schools program of gender ideologies was commissioned by a group of people whose stance was honorable in that it was originally designed to tackle the problem of bullying.
What it has become instead pushed boundaries beyond the scope for which it was financed. We stand together and support the Coalition Federal Government in removing funding and support for this program in its current form.
The agenda pushed by the Safe Schools alliance targets youth and children at a very vulnerable age and aims to separate them from their traditional family core and the values of the community to uphold all citizens. We ask that you divert attention from this program and towards a program better aimed at tackling inclusion and acceptance NOT based and biased towards gender and sexualisation.

Childhood Gender Dysphoria. 12 Video Series with Transcripts.

Sexual Confusion. Hormone Therapy. Sex Reassignment Surgeries. Psychological Counseling. Transgenderism Explained.
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Watch the videos in English or use the Google translator on this page to read the transcripts in your language.

Any parent knows that when raising children, there are a lot of areas which can be hard to tackle, and each child needs their own care plan. But we all know that fire is dangerous, therefore we warn children of the dangers in a way which they can understand. We don’t allow them to learn that fire is dangerous by letting them play with it. The scars and pain would be felt long after the damage would have been done if this was so. In the same way, why should we be asked to allow our children to be involved in programs which inherently ask children to suspend their trust in their family unit for providing the guidance needed to work their way through issues of puberty, maturation and development and be subject to “education” well beyond the scope of anti-bullying and acceptance of diversity. Yet this is what the Safe Schools Program asks us to do.

Member of the Australian Parliament Mr. Andrew Haste.

Andrew Hastie_003

MP Andrew Hastie speaks on the “Safe Schools” program in the Australian Parliament.

Understand the agenda and level the playing field – find out why this program is only taught behind closed doors and without any parent choice. If the safety of our children is of any importance, it should be open to scrutiny and involvement by all those concerned with the raising of young people to understand that we are a diverse humanity, equal in all ways. Ask for a copy of the curriculum, and if you are lucky enough to find a school willing to divulge its content, be ready to understand the call to action we set before you.

Roz Ward architect of Safe Schools admits that Safe Schools is not about bullying.

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Roz Ward architect of the “Safe Schools” Program admits that Safe Schools is not about bullying.

For those of you not yet ready to surrender your rights as a parent to teach and guide your children through the admittedly often volatile and confusing stage of puberty and maturation, please be active! Now is the time to join the support for the removal of this experimental and divisive program.

A mother talks about discovering the gender ideologies her son is being taught at school.

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Cella’s Story about her children and the “Safe Schools” Program at their school.

Here’s how you can reconnect our community to actively develop a stronger sense of inclusion and acceptance :
  • Be active in your school. Find out what community initiatives they currently have in place for celebrating the unique humans which make up the community – join in and celebrate the many events schools put on to support all members of their school community – not just those whose agenda may be oriented towards sexual identity as a basis for being.
  • Find out what your school teaches and the programs they use to teach children and youth about acceptance in ALL its forms – about equality, compassion, and understanding of diversity in all forms. Support your school by being informed and understanding that SAFE does not equate to just the sexually exposed.
  • Take back the word SAFE – ensure that it is not a euphemism for the grooming of children beyond their understanding and natural inclination to curiosity. Children mature at different rates and this program does not allow for this. It forces ideology and decision making in sensitive areas well before many children are ready to comprehend the enormity and longevity of the choices being made. Maturity and sexual maturity CANNOT be forced and the method of removing parental involvement this program endorses, is not a health initiative we should lightly sit back and accept. SAY NO! and make sure your school is aware of your decision.
  • If your children are not yet at school, find out about schools in your area by visiting them and asking to walk through during a recess or free period. See how the children interact with each other and watch the NATURAL acceptance children have of others in action.
  • Write to your local MP or Premier and let them know you support the Federal Government stance to remove this program in favour of a more transparent and active program. For SAFE to mean more than sexually aware and to include acceptance in ALL its forms. A program which supports the family unit and allows it to function in teaching the next generation the values and core understandings which The Safe Schools program seeks to strip from it.
  • BEFORE you vote, make sure you know what each candidate supports and the programs they will endorse. Take your vote seriously and send a message to the candidates that you will not tolerate the stripping of family rights.
The government can only provide what we want, if we tell them first. Understand and celebrate your ability as parent to guide your child. If you are having difficulty in communicating and understanding your role, seek out and enrol in parenting support programs run by local community centres. It is not a safe option to let your children be involved in a program which has closed its doors on you and encourages the secrecy and “privacy” pushed by the so-called Safe Schools option.
Don’t let this program wear you down-TEAR IT DOWN!

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